Near Rimini, on the road to San Marino, few kilometers from the "Rimini Sud" exit on the A14 motorway, is one of the largest showrooms in its field in Europe: SOLDATI (which in italian means "soldiers"), an army of mannequins!

For more than 60 years, located in the Romagna, the forerunners of the present-day window displays such as busts as well as the leading mannequins, still made with heads of plaster and glass eyes, have been made and/or marketed by SOLDATI.

During the late eighties, SOLDATI created an impressive Show Room right on the highway to San Marino. In this building of 3000 square meters, spread over three floors, the "fittings" are to be found that serve to set up any “non-food” shop in the best possible way. Such as, for example, stores for clothing, gift shops, telecommunications, costume jewellery, perfumery, newsagents, pharmacies, health care, opticians, tobacconists, stationers, etc., with functional and modular design, while not neglecting the importance of image and charm. It is for this reason that the Showroom on the Rimini-San Marino highway has a dedicated floor in its warehouse to "ready for delivery" (in order for customers to obtain in real time the furnishings for all types of shops) plus a large area dedicated to the display of the collections of mannequins.
The other two floors are used to research, design and to implement THE SOLUTIONS in order to satisfy all of our customers...

Since the end of the 90's, the combination of experience and the technology developed for the arrangement of our general activities, has been taken further by the SOLDATI Company, especially in regards to the decoration of houses. In particular, in addition to the creation of bookshelves for living rooms and studies, they have had a great success with walk-in closets.
Over the last few years, our know-how and experience gained through decades of collaboration with architectural studios and professional fitters, have led us to set up hospitality facilities (B&Bs, farmhouses, hotels, etc.). Providing walk-in closets for private homes, realizations of commercial spaces, transforming them with "open" and "light" furnishings, which can be easily integrated into the smallest as well as largest Suites.
SOLDATI produces and sells wholesale furniture for shops and hospitality facilities, modular showcases, but its true strengths are the busts "TAILOR'S" and mannequins, in demand in many parts of the world. In fact, thanks to the opening of the Eastern European markets and to the increasing popularity of online communication, SOLDATI has seen its transactions push beyond national borders thanks to the offers of the ONLINE SHOP.
SOLDATI is not only for big brands. Its expertise is also available to local traders and elsewhere.
Over 60 years of history, work and success are the confirmation of SOLDATI's endless passion, which knows no limits of age.

The SOLDATI brand collaborates with the top International brands, that can rely on the thousands of available readymade articles, on the inimitable craftsmanship of its busts and mannequins and on the versatility and elegance of the fittings and equipment.

But SOLDATI doesn’t only target the top brands. Its professional expertise is available also to local and non local traders. And it is for this reason that the Showroom was opened on the Rimini-San Marino highway where the entire ground floor is dedicated to “prompt delivery” (to purchase all sorts of shop fittings and furniture for all types of shops in real time) and to the mannequin’s show room. The other two floors are used to comfortably design and elaborate what will be the “Headquarters” in the daily battle to satisfy its customers...
To give a tangible sign on the fiftieth anniversary of the SOLDATI enterprise, a new building was opened next to the now historic showroom where you have the opportunity to take a look at prototypes of both showcases and modular fittings in a smaller space where the showcases are displayed on two floors and for the first time show the public what was usually shown only to insiders. A space that also displays articles that can be rented out for events or temporary stores.

This website has been modified and expanded with the “NEWS & EVENTS” area where you can see the events (almost in real time) to see how the displays and showcases have been used. 50 years of history, hard work and success represent for SOLDATI the confirmation of a passion that does not age.
SOLDATI - Manichini, Arredamenti, Vetrine, Attrezzature per Negozi

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