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"MODULAR" Series Showcases

Simple and elegant, our new modular showcases are the right solution for different types of shops selling clothes, telephones and plenty of further items.
Our innovative Gondola Rack is the most versatile element of the whole collection, since it can be placed in different types of spaces and allows to enhance all displayed products thanks to its essential style, thus creating self-supporting corners inside pre-existing spaces.
Thanks to the transparency of their glass, our elegant Column Showcases contribute to make exhibition spaces even brighter.
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Base nova and laminated white

A clean elegant design combined with simple assembly and high quality materials is what stands behind our collection featuring showcases and counters. All showcases are made of tempered glass, while the counters, both containing and displaying, are available in our standard white-laminated wood version “BASE NOVA” or in other wood finishes. Accessories such as locks, casters (not available in the VS144 and VS148) for short movements or lighting are available on demand (even LED). Read more »
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Alluminio and kubica

Some benches, showcases are made with wooden parts (bases, ceiling lights and furniture), the "ALUMINUM" series are made of aluminum foil for an elegant and modern result and are equipped with lock, wheels for small movements and any lighting on request (also LED). The "KUBICA" series is one of the latest additions to our complete collection of all accessories. The natural brightness of the crystal and the warmth of the "wenge" wood give a particular chromatic effect. Obviously tempered crystal in both series. It is possible to create such showcases for orders of several pieces in different finishes (black, white, etc.) Read more »
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In our site you can also view the prototype systems of the "MODULAR SHOWCASES" composed of modular display cabinets with or without doors (depending on the display needs) particularly suitable, thanks to the various options, to the clothing stores, perfumeries and objects generally.
Made of thick tempered glass with wenge / aluminum laminated wood parts that give the "Componibile" strength, versatility and elegance.
With cold micro neon
light lamps.
System in view available in the showroom or doable for scheduled orders.
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Extra Led and outside showcases

Soldati realizes to order and for the productions also dedicated display cases.
An example are the "EXTRA LED" cases, the most transparent and technological cases. The wooden parts are coated in aluminum foil. The glass part is made of extra-clear tempered glass. Illuminate with the new LED systems (very high yield and energy saving). We have also realized the "EXTERNAL SHOWCASE" that we can produce for the supply of more units in the required dimensions, integrating the needs of practicality and functionality with respect to the rules that regulate the occupation of the area in front of the point of sale.
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Neos & Class

The company Soldati has created and still realizes for special needs, the "SPECIAL DISPLAY". These display cases are composed of the combination of two composable raw materials par excellence, have the name "CLASS" and "NEOS". In particular, they are exhibitors in tempered glass with an aluminum frame and gaskets along the entire perimeter that give life to an anti-dust and anti-infiltration system. We present photographically only some of the best-selling prototypes, remembering that they are available with adjustable feet or wheels for small movements. In the images shown alongside we present some individual photos to give an idea of the breadth of the articles already produced, remembering that the supply of these items is bound to quantity and measures.
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Modular Showcases

Elegant design combined with utmost ease of assembly and high-quality materials: These are the keys to the success of this complete collection of shop windows and counter displays that perfectly suit the needs of every type of shop. The luminosity of crystal together with the various shades of wood contribute to make showcases look even more elegant and modern.
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