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Staved panels

The wall sections made with the "CAPRI" and "WOOD" series slatted panel systems of the series "WOOD" have a versatility that makes them suitable for sports shops, for trendy environments and last but not least in the preparation of walk-in closets (in small and large living spaces) Complete with wall fixing systems and related hanging and floor modules The wide range of finishes and accessories, both in metal and PVC, offers endless possibilities of exposure giving the possibility to become an integral part or a real backrest equipped with many upright systems such as EASY, EASY2 etc.
The refined "SMILE" system is also available, with glossy white and glossy black and white panels and tops, which can also be used with uprights with the same finish: "MONTANTE SMILE". Also available are new colors such as antique white and concrete effect. All the high-design accessories in chromed metal are interchangeable between the two systems. The latter finish and the relative furniture (chest and drawers) are becoming a CULT in the fitting out of the walk-in closets of homes and more.
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Fitted walls

Rack systems of great simplicity of installation and practicality in use not only for shops but also for walk-in closets; "EASY", "EASY2", "EASY3", (to be used also with all slat and slotted panels CAPRI and WOOD); ","SMART "and "ICON "extraordinarily rich where perfect is the fusion of elements in wood, metal and glass with a capacity of synthesis between space and volume. The modern and "gritty" IRON and IRON 2 systems in natural / raw metal painted with opaque transparent together with the tops and furniture of the new finishes guarantee a truly performing "quality-price" result. The systems can be integrated with gondolas, benches and furnishing accessories in general, to be applied in the same finishes. Read more »
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Stainless steel elements with an essential design (from the outdoor ashtray to the umbrella stand to the waste-paper basket to match any commercial business). Tubes, joints and grids from “COAX”, “JOKER” and “MISTER SYSTEM” series, our first modular furnishing systems, available with various diameters and dimensions, for fitted retail outlets of for the do-it-yourselfer. Read more »
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Counters and accessories

Footboards, tables and cashier counters can be combined with all of our furnishing systems, and completed with tops made of transparent or satin-finished tempered glass or of laminated wood with various finishes (new aluminium effect and wenge effect). Garment rails, mirrors, benches and stools can be found in our “COUNTER AND ACCESSORIES” series. Their chrome and aluminium finishes and simple design can match any style in any size of store, be it a small retail outlet or a large commercial business. Read more »
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Sartoriali Furnishing

Soldati is specialized in the manufacture of modular furniture. The key to the company’s success is the very short time it needs to arrange shops.

Soldati gives those who are not in a hurry and are looking for tailor-made furnishings that are able to match the suggestions of their personal architects the possibility to find what they are longing for. Its new furnishing systems, which are characterized by the utmost flexibility as far as both sizes and finishes are concerned, and the new
“COCCO”, “RINO” and “MURANO” series give customers the possibility to take advantage of exclusive, outstanding solutions which are able to suit even their most demanding requirements.

The new MOVABLE COUNTERS and DALI’ frames integrate perfectly with pre-existing furniture pieces, what gives customers the possibility to renovate their shop without removing the old fittings. Read more »
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Deisgn Frames

“DALI’” and “MONET”: A wide range of chrome metal wall “frames” and vertical self-supporting “frames” to furnish spaces where it is not possible to anchor systems to the floor. Unlike what happens in traditional shops and warehouses (or even outlets), this system helps increase the prestige of displayed items, since few beautiful products are put in evidence with their brands and materials highlighted in the best possible way.
The old-fashioned shop furniture schemes have recently been replaced by these new inclined “frames”, that help enhance the value of shop windows since they can be used as technical-aesthetic elements and display furniture to be combined with traditional torso forms and both standard and stylized mannequins. This collection is complemented by central inclined “frames” of different heights, that contribute to set up proper exhibition spaces or innovative racks while combining both linear and vertical frames with the displayed accessories whose chromatic features match with the surrounding environment. Read more »
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Sale of artisan busts in fabric for tailoring, for showcases or with adjustable sizes. Modern portions for clothing or lingerie. Sale of mannequins with silhouette without head, trendy stylized or natural classic. Mannequins for showcases and shops of the best international and Italian brands in the industry (TAILOR'S busts, ALMAX and SOLDATIgroup mannequins).
SOLDATI - Manichini, Arredamenti, Vetrine, Attrezzature per Negozi

SHOW ROOM e UFFICI via Ausa, 7 (Superstr. S. Marino Km 6)
47853 Cerasolo Ausa di Coriano (RN)
LABORATORIO e MAGAZZINO via Ausa, 9 (Superstr. S. Marino Km 6)
47853 Cerasolo Ausa di Coriano (RN)
Tel. +39 0541/756202 - Fax +39 0541/756139
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OPENING HOURS SHOWROOM AND OFFICES: 8:30/12:30 - 14:30/18:30 every day, Saturday and Sunday excluded.
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