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The series "GONDOLE" is composed of various models in square tube (25 MM. X 25 MM.) Chromed H.152 CM. with the possibility to contain, in addition to the hanging bars, 8mm transparent or acid-etched tempered glass. F.L. adjustable in height. Versatile and easy-to-read items to complete the central shopping areas; some items for hanging use (length cm.99 or cm.140), some items for exhibition use with adjustable tops (length cm.69 / 99), other modules made up of several elements (cm.69 / 99) in order to hang and display at the same time (some are equipped with sides that can be equipped later with some accessories of our traditional EASY systems in the 69 cm step).

The great innovation and evolution of the clothes hangers brings clothes and clothing accessories in general (t-shirts, sneakers, bags etc.) as well as creating very simple models to complement the aforementioned "GONDOLE" series (model cm.71 x H.154 and model cm.99 x H.154) is proposed to customers not only commercial with the newest design items.

In the same system, real self-supporting racks can be created starting from the height of 150 cm up to 202h.
In addition to the CROMO finish it is possible to have the metal left raw with transparent opaque paint, white and in some cases GOLD.

The great innovation and evolution of the stender is proposed to customers not only commercial, but also inside homes, offices, etc. .. with brand new design articles "STENDER ARREDO TUBO QUADRO"
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